Hi!  I’m Carl, founder of The Horn Circle and 2nd Horn of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.  Twice a week we provide a platform for the most inspiring professional horn players to share their passion!  Check our Facebook Events page for upcoming hosts.  And register below to receive the Zoom link.  Happy practicing!      

Join us live!

Find a session in the calendar – it’s adjusted to your local timezone.   Follow the prompts and you will be emailed a Zoom link.  Save the Zoom link as it is identical for all sessions.  To optimize your sound on Zoom please follow the instructions here.

We just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic distraction over lock down.  Our daughter’s playing has improved but most importantly she has found her new horn playing “tribe”.

Colin & Tracey


As musicians, many of our social playing opportunities have been restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Horn Circle aims to provide a new kind of creative outlet which fosters community, connection, and inspiration among horn players — no matter where we are.

It’s important that The Horn Circle stays free to all, especially in these difficult times.  If you’re in a position to donate, your contribution will help keep this community going for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the upcoming guest hosts?

Find our upcoming schedule on the Facebook Events page:  https://www.facebook.com/thehorncircle/events/

When is it?

Click Join and check the calendar.  You will see a schedule converted to your local timezone.

Sessions are every Sunday and Wednesday 3pm Pacific / 6pm EST

Do I need to register?

You only need to register the first time to get the Zoom link.  After that you’re welcome to join any session.  

What level is this designed for?

The Horn Circle is suitable for players of all levels.  Participants range from very beginners to university level and beyond.  

How much does it cost?

Participation in The Horn Circle is free.  But if you join regularly and find it valuable, I hope you will consider a recurring donation to keep this resource going for everyone.

How can I support The Horn Circle?

You can support The Horn Circle by sharing us with your friends, interacting with us on Facebook and Instagram, and by making a recurring donation if you find it valuable.




Level 1 Flexibility Studies 

Level 1 Major Scales, One Octave

Practice Chart – 6 Weeks – fully customizable 

Comprehensive Scales & Arpeggios for Horn (124 pages!)



Horn Matters – a massive vault of great articles and resources

IMSLP – free scores in the public domain

Pathways Podcast – inspiring interviews with heroes of the horn 

Horn Excerpts.org – the source for famous horn excerpts, both sheet music and audio clips

Brass Excerpts.org – another massive trove of printable and orchestral horn excerpts

NZ Brass Foundation useful blog and resources for brass players

Jennifer Montone – horn hero, and practice tips, performance anxiety help, and other resources

David Cooper – horn hero, and free warmup downloads

Sarah Willis – horn hero, and host of the Horn Hangouts



Private Lessons

$80 NZD per 60 mins
$45 NZD per 30 mins
$25 NZD per 15 mins (zoom only)

Video Exchange Lessons

Send me an audio or video clip and I will send you one in return with advice and feedback.


$40 NZD for up to 20mins

Contact me at thehorncircle@gmail.com

About Carl

Carl Wells has been 2nd horn of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra since 2007.   A passionate educator, he founded The Horn Hang and is an active teacher of students of all ages.   A holder of multiple passports, Carl has performed in orchestras in Canada, Mexico, United States and all the major orchestras of New Zealand.  An alumni of the University of Northern Colorado, University of Toronto, and the New England Conservatory in Boston; his principal teachers include Marian Hesse, Gabriel Radford, and Daniel Katzen.